Europeans have been serving up tea at all times of the day for centuries, while our society tends to favor over-priced coffee with little to no health benefits. Even worse, some current tea enthusiasts may be shopping at specialty loose-leaf teashops in the mall, spending well over $20 bucks per ounce. Loose-leaf tea is definitely making some headway in changing the way tea drinkers take their tea, but there is a much better way to incorporate this trend into your life. Ready to make the switch?  Head to

Nata Mason, owner of Trend Tea, has over 40 types of loose-leaf teas to choose from.  As if that’s not enough, she will hunt down the variations she doesn’t have on hand, just to please her huge customer base.  Since her business is mobile and Internet based, she can offer most of her teas for about $2 per ounce!

This avid Yogi, world traveler and health enthusiast, began her company on one simple truth; she is very passionate about tea.  You will feel well traveled too when you run across her booth at the local Farmer’s Markets or Wellness Fairs.  She has an impressive display of loose samples that take your nose on an international tour of spices, blossoms and fruits.

I speak for myself when I say, I am addicted to her Skinny Tea, which is a green tea blend that has an unexpected zest of lemongrass.  A major perk of this option is that it is most known for boosting the metabolism when consumed regularly. My husband prefers her smooth Blueberry Rooibos tea, iced. Either way, we both end up arguing with ourselves on which blend to try next. To make life easier, we have just decided to keep a collection of Mason’s teas for every mood we might find ourselves in.

As we embark on the holiday season, both the teas and tea accessories make great gifts for loved ones.  There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a hot cup of tea or cooling off with a unique iced blend, why not share this feeling with others?

If you’re looking for a fresh party idea to host, Mason even offers her services in your home. If you are a gym or yoga studio in the tri-county area, Mason will set up shop in your business so that you can create an ever more well-rounded, healthy environment for your clients. Is there anything this one-woman shop won’t do for its clients?

Mason, truly knows what she is doing.  Her business is a thriving and unique one.  I feel better on the inside just writing about her business. In fact, the teakettle is whistling and I am in the mood for a cup of Tropical Cyclone Black Tea.  Cheers!

Written By: Stefanie Huber
Twitter: @Stefanielhuber